Friday, 12 March 2010

why have i left it so long?

hello all,

i am so so so sorry

i am still here

i am still cycling

i have completed a 160 mile charity , cycle , i have lost over 6 stone and i am still going

i will do a full update soon


Sunday, 13 September 2009

72 miles today!

the longest ride so far...


I am very proud and can't wait to do more miles. i could have continued and the great thing is after 10 mins back home i was ready to go out.

some major learnings...

i am still learning how to climb and on occasions i do stop and have to take a breather and walk a lil... stamina for a long ride seems to work well for me so i need to combine this mind set with being a stronger climber... each time it will improve.

i need some cycling gear that is closer fitting... after losing over five stone in weight, tops, jackets do not fit well and rattle in the wind and do not keep me warm or dry! i need some arm and leg warmers as my arm warmers from the states and hidden somewhere by my dog.. sigh... so i may need alil internet shop tonight.

i am still working out what food and drinks work for me...

im convinced and know bananas work great for me as does pasta the night before. coffee has a good effect. as far as what d rink mix i am still experimenting... i remember trying some of boston bike gurus drink whilst in ny this year and thinking yuck... now im thinking i need that sort of sugar taste and kick!

but sugar and my diet don't mix that well... what should i try?

power blocks cola chews are great and certainly add a kick of energy when needed and for the last 20 miles of this ride worked well.

the new bike is quite wonderful and i am very proud to have such a piece of equipment to use and love.

the handling is so responsive and i noticed i am able to take sharper corners and get a lot lower on the drops which is wonderful.

ohhh and i got a £100 voucher to use still for new cycling gear...

any advice or comments please add them, i need all the help i can get...

yorkshire dales hills....

38 miles in the dales

no flats up and down all the way... in fact more up than down!

adrian with his sore bum did amazingly well and kept up well.

I cycled hard and we got lost...big time... at the top of a dale...light fading, wind blowing, rain splashing... and no mobile signal or money... and only a hill farmer to help us...

on reflection this was a tough ride, the constant climbs and drops were hard word but amazingly satisfying. the scenery was amazing and however hard the climbs were the drops were intense, scary and mind blowing. really worked on cornering at speed and resisting touching the brakes.. ohhhh it was goood.

adrian on his first ride like this did brill.. much better than i ever would have done on my first biggie.

its also good to know that he lived in the dales and would never get us lost and send us 16 miles in the wrong direction, up a dale, in the wind, driving rain and bitter cold, with no mobile signal, money or humour!

still he tries...

i could tell my climbing improved the next week for the big 72 miler, it was still tough but i am able to get out the saddle quickly and for longer periods and when i choose the right gear i am able to keep it smooth and steady and solid...

here are some piccys to have some fun with....

more to follow!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

60.7 miles!

yes that's right...

miles increased again today. 60.7

was a fab ride hard work into strong headwind for over 35 miles which made progress interesting. but all great training.

the weather was hot hot hot and tan lines look great!

and to top it off cycling took place in lycra shorts and no over shorts... first time and was brill!

will give a full run down very soon.


Sunday, 16 August 2009

oh yes...52 miles!

52 miles achieved today with bags to spare in the tank...

oh yes and weight loss again and bmi down.. in fact weight has dropped nearly five stone since starting!

what an amazing ride. Loved it was a tough one!

so, I even managed to ride out of the saddle up a hill (well ok part of a hill) and this was so cool... except choosing a wrong gear firstly caused my legs to spin round so quick I felt like I was shaking my booty!

some great climbs on this ride, all of which I completed. Some were very tough and I felt like I was walking backwards... but I completed every single way, slowly at times but completed!

suffered severe numbness in the toes after 3 hours of both feet, tried looseining shoes but that didnt work... may need to check this out further as it was painful.

the bike was cool, two water bottles makes a difference (ok I know that obvious).

I got a 'road bikers lesson in style' and was ceremoniously encouraged to tear my reflectors off the bike. I felt liberated almost free...

apparently if I put a bell on my road bike I am going over a bridge...

so... next steps...

over 75 miles this weekend, next weekend I am determined to achieve more.

so far there are four of us ready for the 100 miler and then lands end to john o groats

possibly five... if boston bike guru joins us... you know it makes sense it!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

damaged tendon...


it official i have damaged a tendon in my right foot...

from the centre of the heel to outside edge of the foot.

it painful.

i cant cycle for a few days... this is gutting.

could it be i suddenly feel confident to wear the lycra shorts without over shorts.? did the gods of taste n decency see my legs in the lycra and blow chunks??

either way i sad and wanna cycle....

Saturday, 8 August 2009

weight loss and lycra...

oh yes...

i have lost more weight, ave 2-3 pds per week so i am well happy over 55 pounds so far... muscles building which is great and I took my first cycle ride in lycra shorts without cover shorts...

very liberating and feels so much better....

this was in Spain I am not sure if the uk will manage seeing me in lycra... i wld hate to cause peoole to complain..

see ya!